Beyond The Barrier by Damon Knight (MacFadden 50-234 – 1965)

MacFadden 50-234, 1st printing

Out Of The Mists Of His Lost Memory

…bright images began to float up. He saw the corridors of the City, and the colorful, floating throngs of Lenlu Den. He knew that the Shefthi were the warriors who protected the Den against the terrifying menace of the zugs.

Nut nowhere was there an image of himself. His only clue to his forgotten past were those blood-chilling nightmares, and the haunting feeling that he had a task to perform. And even while he probed the dim memories, the nightmares grew more vivid, more horrifying…

Title: Beyond The Barrier
Author: Damon Knight
Imprint & Number: MacFadden 50-234
Cover price: 50¢
Publication date: 1965
Cover artist: Richard Powers
ISBN: none


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