The Coming Of The Terrans by Leigh Brackett (Ace G-669 – 1967)

The Coming Of The Terrans by Leigh Brackett

Ace G-669, 1st printing

When Earthmen came to Mars, they found a world of dead sea0bottoms, lost civilizations, and secretive barbarian tribes who resented their intrusion on this ancient planet and sneered at the gleaming products of Terrestrial science. The Earthmen in turn looked down upon the crumbling Martian culture, laughed at the stories of invincible gods and magic still lingering in forbidden cities like Valkis, Jekkara, Barrakesh…

But the dangers were real – and only a few renegade Earth-born adventurers who had adopted the Martian way of life could understand the planet-wide disaster that was building up.

A paperback original first edition anthology. Part of Brackett’s Mars series.

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Title: The Coming Of The Terrans
Author: Leigh Brackett
Imprint & Number: Ace G-669
Cover price: 50¢
Publication date: 1967
Cover artist: Gray Morrow
ISBN: 020-07669-050


  • The Beast-Jewel of Mars – (Planet Stories, Winter/48)
  • Mars Minus Bisha – (Planet Stories, 1/54)
  • The Last Days of Shandakor – (Startling Stories, 4/52)
  • Purple Priestess of the Mad Moon – (The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, 10/64)
  • The Road to Sinharat – (Amazing Stories, 5/63; Eric John Stark story)

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