Return To Otherness by Henry Kuttner (Ballantine F619 – 1962)

Ballantine F619, 1st printing

A paperback original first edition anthology. Ballantine’s follow-up to Kuttner’s Bypass To Otherness. All stories jointly authored by Kuttner’s wife CL Moore. Although not credited in this book, she was credited at the time of each of the stories’ original publications.

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Title: Return To Otherness
Author: Henry Kuttner & CL Moore
Imprint & Number: Ballantine F619
Cover price: 50¢
Publication date: 1962
Cover artist: Richard Powers
ISBN: none


  • See You Later – (Thrilling Wonder Stories, 6/49; 4th Hogben story)
  • This Is the House – (Astounding Science Fiction, 2/46)
  • The Proud Robot – (Astounding Science-Fiction, 10/43; 2nd Gallegher story)
  • Gallegher Plus – (Astounding Science Fiction, 11/43; 3rd Gallegher story)
  • The Ego Machine – (Space Science Fiction, 5/52)
  • Android – (The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, 6/51)
  • The Sky Is Falling – (Planet Stories, Fall/50)
  • Juke-Box – (Thrilling Wonder Stories, 2/47)

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