The Woman Chaser by Charles Willeford (Carroll & Graf – 1990)

Woman Chaser by Charles Willeford

Woman Chaser by Charles Willeford

Richard Hudson is a used-car salesman with a pimp’s understanding of the ways in which women (and men) are most vulnerable. He sees himself as a walking allegory, the confidence man as a work of art.

Hudson lives with his beautiful mother, her black-listed movie director husband (twenty years her junior) and an over-sexed teenage step-sister. He feels driven to make a movie and when it’s rejected he extracts a terrifying revenge.

Willeford in the 1980s

Willeford in the 1980s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Title: The Woman Chaser
Author: Charles Willeford
Imprint & Number: Carroll & Graf
Cover price: 3.95
Publication date: 1990
Cover artist: Henderson
ISBN: 0-88184-556-6

For anyone unfamiliar with the work of Charles Willeford, you should be. If you appreciate hard-boiled pulp noir, or just like to be entertained by what you read, you simply have to find something, anything,  by Willeford and read it.

Once I decide my budget will allow me to spend more on this hobby, I’ll gather as many vintage copies of Willeford’s stuff as I can. For now, I’ll gladly settle for recent reading copies.

A film based on this story was released in 1999 and starred Patrick Warburton. It went on to win several special jury awards at various film festivals but was financially unsuccessful.


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