Fireworks: The Lost Writings by Jim Thompson (Mysterious Press – 1989)

Fireworks: The Lost Writings by Jim Thompson
Fireworks: The Lost Writings by Jim Thompson

Fireworks is a dazzling compendium of suspense master Jim Thompson’s short fiction, featuring some of his boldest, most chilling performances – particularly his last completed work: the fierce novella “This World, Then The Fireworks.”

A collection of brilliant “lost” pieces, Fireworks covers the terrain of Jim Thompson’s remarkable fiction and also discovers fresh landmarks of his achievements.

First paperback printing. Edited & with introduction by Robert Polito & Michael McCauley.

Jim Thompson

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Title: Fireworks: The Lost Writings
Author: Jim Thompson
Imprint & Number: Mysterious Press
Cover price: 4.50
Publication date: 1989
Cover artist: Stephen Peringer
ISBN: 0-445-40827-8


  • A Road And A Memory (Prairie Schooner, winter/30; poetry)
  • Exactly What Happened (Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, 4/67)
  • The Threesome In 4-C (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, 5/57; under Dillon Roberts pseudonym)
  • The Dark Stair (Master Detective, 1946)
  • Forever After (Shock, 5/60)
  • The Cellini Challice (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, 10/56; Mitch Allison story)
  • The Frightening Frammis (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, 2/57; Mitch Allison story)
  • Pay As You Exit (1st publication)
  • The Flaw In The System (Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, 7/56)
  • Sunrise At Midnight (1st publication)
  • “Hell” (Ironside, 1967)
  • This World, Then The Fireworks (first pub. with author’s original ending; amended version previously appeared in Jim Thompson: The Killers Inside Him, 1983)

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