Sin Professor by Frank Peters (Bedside 1225 – 1962)

Sin Professor by Frank Peters

Sin Professor by Frank Peters


Boris Morholt was politely but firmly tossed out of the college where he taught English – because he had raised a beard! The shock of being a victim of inane convention, short-circuited his sapience – hastened him to activate hos theory of the WHOLE MAN. The WHOLE MAN lived as he chose, loved life and above all, loved women. Lydia, one of his ex-students, was the first to bear the brunt of this lustily designed way of life. Then came Lisa of unlimited appetites – and Rosemarie of the unruffled, cool exterior but with an urgent inner flame. Morholt’s dehumanized theory snared his friend’s wife Audrey into adultery, which in turn led her husband to murder. Boris knew then that he was truly a…


A paperback original first edition.

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Title: Sin Professor
Author: Hal Dresner writing as Frank Peters
Imprint & Number: Bedside 1225
Cover price: 60¢
Publication date: 1962
Cover artist: uncredited
ISBN: none

In addition to Dresner’s sleaze novels, of which there are more than a few, he also wrote the screenplays for The Eiger Sanction, Catch-22 & Zorro, The Gay Blade, plus episodes of  TV’s Night Gallery & M*A*S*H.


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