Fightin’ Fool by Max Brand (Pocket 316 – 1946)

Fightin' Fool by Max Brand

Fightin’ Fool by Max Brand

When Jingo rode into Tower Creek on the day of the little town’s twentieth anniversary, he met love and he met hate, and both brought him trouble. Love he found in the person of lovely Eugenia Tyrrel, whom he danced with  in spite of the sheriff’s threats, but he discovered that she was protected from outsiders by barriers of gunfire. Hate grew out of the poker game where slippery Wally Rankin held most of the chips. That is until Jingo stepped in and stopped the game with a couple of well-placed bullets aimed at the cards up Wally’s sleeve. Wally had a brother who was poison, and when Jingo heard he was trailing him, he decided he needed a partner. He found one in the Parson, who didn’t get his name from a church but could smell trouble miles away. This is the story of their two-man army on the march, and of Jingo’s struggles to stake his claim to Eugenia’s heart.

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Title: Fightin’ Fool
Author: Frederick Faust writing as Max Brand
Imprint & Number: Pocket 316
Cover price: none
Publication date: 1946
Cover artist: uncredited
ISBN: none

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