Peter Chambers #5: A Corpse For Christmas by Henry Kane (Dell 735 – 1953)

A Corpse For Christmas

A Corpse For Christmas

Private eye Peter Chambers received the perfect Christmas gift for ‘the man who has everything.’ It was a murder case involving Gene Tiny (built in luscious bunches, beautifully spaced, with looks that stopped men colder than a .45 slug)

…Stella Talbot (eighteen years old, but all woman, with a body that flicked at your libido)

…Gay Cochrane (married to someone she couldn’t abide, but perfectly willing to put her ample charms at the right man’s disposal)

…and Evelyn Dru (a bouncy, blonde honey with eyes that lifted men out of their seats like a national anthem.)

And in the same package was a dead man – which made Pete’s Christmas complete. It was murder wrapped in blackmail and tied with arson, and Pete had the time of his life breaking the case wide open.

5th in the Peter Chambers series. Also published as The Deadly Doll and as Homicide at Yuletide.

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Title: A Corpse For Christmas
Author: Henry Kane
Imprint & Number: Dell 735
Cover price: 25¢
Publication date: 1953
Cover artist: Griffith Foxley
ISBN: none


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