Whistle Stop by Maritta M Wolff (Popular Library 257 – 1950)

Whistle Stop by Maritta M Wolff

Whistle Stop by Maritta M Wolff

She Was A Girl With A Price Tag
The Violent Story Of A Handsome Heel
And The Women Who Loved Him

Johnnie’s kisses were hot on Josette’s mouth. Her body knew the beginning of a strange ecstasy. Then a voice inside her sounded a warning. She tried to fight free…

It happened at a summer dance. Josette Veech should have known she was asking for trouble when she went to Johnnie’s car. In that way she was like the rest of the Veeches – a shiftless family in a whistle-stop town – all headed for trouble. There was Kenny, a good-for-nothing bum. He lived off his sister, Mary. She, in turn, lived off other men. There was Ernie, a crooked railroad foreman. And pretty Jen who was burning life’s candle at both ends. Here is a vivid, compelling novel filled with violence and the lust for life!

Whistle Stop (1946)

Whistle Stop (1946)

This Avery Hopwood Award-winning novel was adapted as a 1946 film (which is available, free to view, at the Internet Archive here) starring Ava Gardner & George Raft.

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Title: Whistle Stop
Author: Maritta M Wolff
Imprint & Number: Popular Library 257
Cover price: none
Publication date: 1950
Cover artist: George Rozen
ISBN: none

Cover artist Jerome George Rozen had a twin brother, who was also an artist and also produced paperback covers, named George Jerome Rozen…

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