The Asylum World by John Jakes

The Asylum World by John Jakes (Paperback Library 63-236 – 1969)

Take A Trip To The Asylum World, A Mind-Blowing Science Fiction Satire Of Our Times – And Times To Come!

Gears ground and the mechanical voice started describing Newyork. “…such noted tourist attractions as the Mailer Obelisk, the Streisand Catafalque, the ever-popular Wax Museum of the Performing Arts… charming ethnic dining spots, prices beginning at  70 credits. Recommended are Nedick’s Flaming Filet, Mother’s Hot Chicken Soup Eatateria…”

But the visitors from Mars couldn’t get to Newyork after all – it was closed except to official personnel.

Just then a trainload of lunatics passed the barrier. Official Personnel?

What On Earth Was Wrong With Earth?

A paperback original first edition. Not surprisingly, Jakes is most well-known for his historical fiction, notably his North And South trilogy, but he produced quite a few SF-fantasy tales early in his career.

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Title: The Asylum World
Author: John Jakes
Imprint & Number: Paperback Library 63-236
Cover price: 60¢
Publication date: 1969
Cover artist: David Plourde
ISBN: none


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