She Posed For Death by Russell Gordon (Avon 283 – 1950)

A mysterious date with murder in the hidden studios of Hollywood…

How did the lust merchants obtain nude films of fabulous beauties who swore they had not posed for them?

That was the problem that movie magnate Mike Bronson dumped into the lap of Fred Daymond, when he hired that private detective to put the finger on a brood of “stag movie” racketeers whose flesh epics grossed untold thousands.

How was the racket connected with the mysterious slaying of bit-player Billy Pratt, who wound up in a bathtub with a bullet in his heart?

What went on behind the locked doors of those obscure studios where the camera only rolled at night?

Top mystery writer Russell Gordon takes you, for the first time, behind the scenes of Hollywood’s celluloid cesspools in a chilling orgy of murder and passion you will not soon forget?

Hmm… “lust merchants”… “flesh epics”… “celluloid cesspools”… maybe I should read this.

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Title: She Posed For Death (aka Dead Level)
Author: Russell Gordon
Imprint & Number: Avon 283
Cover price: none
Publication date: 1950
Cover artist: uncredited
ISBN: none


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