Alfred Hitchcock's Death Bag

Alfred Hitchcock’s Death Bag (Dell 1814 – 1971)

Open it. Look inside. But don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Murderers of the world, just go do your thing!

Don’t let the squares stunt your self-expression. Painters need canvas and paint. Writers need paper and ink. And an artist like you needs a nice victim or two or three or more – at least if you’re one of the purveyors of swinging death all tied up and ready to be delivered for macabre reading pleasure in

Alfred Hitchcock’s Death Bag

English: Studio publicity photo of Alfred Hitc...

English: Studio publicity photo of Alfred Hitchcock. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Introduction allegedly by Hitchcock.

Title: Alfred Hitchcock’s Death Bag
Editor: Alfred Hitchcock
Imprint & Number: Dell 1814
Cover price: 75¢
Publication date: 4/1971
Cover artist: uncredited
ISBN: 440-01814-075

Includes by:

  • Hal Ellson – Dying A Thousand Deaths (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, 8/60)
  • Mary Linn Roby – Year-End Clearance (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, 1/68; adapted as an episode of Rod Serling‘s Night Gallery)
  • Henry Slesar – Ruby Martinson, Ex-Con (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, 6/58; 2nd of four Ruby Martinson stories)
  • CB Gilford – Beware: Dangerous Man (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, 5/58)
  • Helen Nielsen – Murder And Lonely Hearts (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, 5/58)
  • Talmage Powell – To Avoid A Scandal (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, 7/58)
  • HA DeRosso – Revenge Is Bitter-Sweet (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, 7/57)
  • Jack Ritchie – Hospitality Most Serene (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, 1/58)
  • Robert Colby – The Tenth Part Of A Million (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, 8/67)
  • Arthur Porges – Horse-Collar Homicide (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, 1/60)
  • Robert Edmond Alter – Schedule For An Assassination (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, 8/60)
  • Michael Brett – Ambition (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, 9/66)
  • Richard H Hardwick – Successor (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, ?/57)
  • Hal Dresner – Stop Killing Me (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, 11/63; adapted as an episode of Rod Serling’s Night Gallery)

Robert Arthur, Jr may have have ghost-edited, as well as provided the introduction, as Hitchcock but he’s not credited in his Wikipedia entry for this book, nor does his daughter mention this title in her bio of her father.


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