The Undefeated by Jim Thompson

The Undefeated by Jim Thompson (Popular Library 60-8104 – 1969)

A Rugged Frontiersman…
A Proud Southern Gentleman…
A Passionate Woman Consumed By Hatred…

The Aftermath Of The Civil War

Thomas – A rugged frontiersman and one-time Yankee soldier, he is out to make his fortune. With three thousand wild horses in tow, he follows the danger trail to the raw Southwest

Langdon – A proud Confederate colonel who returned home to find his plantation in flames, he leads his defeated people into the heart of the wilderness.

Anne – An embittered Southern belle, searching for a new beginning, her passion smolders beneath a shroud of hate.

Here is a powerful novel of life in the unsettled wilderness where guns are law – of three people who must learn again of pride, hatred and lust as they journey toward a fateful and dangerous destiny…

The Undefeated (1969 film)

The Undefeated (1969 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A paperback original first edition based on the screenplay by James Lee Barrett. Movie tie-in with photo cover featuring Rock Hudson & John Wayne. One of the last novels by the noir legend.

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Title: The Undefeated
Author: Jim Thompson
Imprint & Number: Popular Library 60-8104
Cover price: 60¢
Publication date: 1969
Cover artist: photo
ISBN: none

Gary Lovisi’s Antique Trader Collectible Paperback Price Guide has this edition valued between $10 and $90, depending on condition.

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