Mike Hammer #4: One Lonely Night by Mickey Spillane (Signet 888 – 1951)

“Her body was a milky flow of curves under the translucent gown and when she moved the static current of flesh against sheer cloth made it cling to her in a way that made me hold my breath to fight against the temptation I could feel tugging at my body. The inky blackness of the hair falling around her shoulders made her look taller, and the gown shrouded what was yet to come and was there for me alone.”

Here’s Mike Hammer in his most thrilling adventure, tempted by beautiful, eager women, hunted by a vicious group of gangsters who pay off in death!

Mike gets caught up in a case involving dead communists and ends up being mistaken for a Russian spy! 4th novel in the Mike Hammer series. Bondage cover.

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Title: One Lonely Night
Author: Mickey Spillane
Imprint & Number: Signet 888
Cover price: none
Publication date: 1951
Cover artist: Lu Kimmel
ISBN: none

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