Million Dollar Tramp by William Campbell Gault (Crest 361 - 1960)

Joe Puma #6: Million Dollar Tramp by William Campbell Gault (Crest 361 – 1960)

The Femme Was Fatal

She was rich, red-haired and ready for anything. Her name was Fidelia and she was a tempting bit of woman even without the three million dollars she was to inherit. Only wherever she went – and she went everywhere – murder seemed to follow.

That’s how I came into the picture. My name is Joe Puma. I’m a private investigator.

She hired me to scare off the wolves. I’m big for my age, handy with my fists and a fool for trouble – especially when it looks at me the way Fidelia did. It wasn’t any picnic, though.

Three million bucks wrapped in a prize package like Fidelia was powerful bait. Deadly, in fact. But some guys were just too greedy. They wouldn’t give up even if it killed them – or me.

A paperback original first edition. 6th in the Joe Puma series.

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Title: Million Dollar Tramp
Author: William Campbell Gault
Imprint & Number: Crest 361
Cover price: 25¢
Publication date: 1960
Cover artist: Charles Binger
ISBN: none

Gary Lovisi’s Antique Trader Collectible Paperback Price Guide has this edition valued between $8 and $90, depending on condition.


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