Rick Holman #1: Zelda by Carter Brown (Signet S2033 – 1961)

She was Hollywood’s goddess of love: provocative, passionate, excitingly alive. Five men wanted her… dead.

To ten million men Zelda Roxane was the supreme symbol of sophisticated sex. But to the general who masterminded a Latin American revolution… the ex-Nazi turned millionaire industrialist… the racing car driver who indulged in dubious pleasures… the has-been producer about to pull the biggest deal of his life… the lecherous press agent whose advances she’d scorned… Zelda Roxane meant disgrace… ruin… DEATH!

The first of 31 novels to feature private eye Rick Holman.

*Copies of this title available from Amazon.com*

Title: Zelda
Author: Carter Brown
Imprint & Number: Signet S2033
Cover price: 35¢
Publication date: 1961
Cover artist: Robert McGinnis
ISBN: none


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