The Hate Genius by Kenneth Robeson

Doc Savage #94: The Hate Genius by Kenneth Robeson (Bantam 12780-2 – 1979)


World War II is drawing to a close. Hitler rigs an assassination of a look-alike double in a daring plot to save his ruined Reich — then disappears. America call on its greatest hero – Doc Savage – to track down this most evil of adversaries and stop the phony martyrdom. Joining him in this last-ditch crusade area a wide assortment of Allied agents – one of whom may be the fleeing Fuehrer himself!

Originally published as Violent Night in Doc Savage Magazine, 1/45. A paperback original first edition with Hitler cover. #94 in the paperback series.

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Title: The Hate Genius
Author: Lester Dent writing as Kenneth Robeson
Imprint & Number: Bantam 12780-2
Cover price: 1.75
Publication date: 1979
Cover artist: Bob Larkin
ISBN: 0-553-12780-2

Gary Lovisi’s Antique Trader Collectible Paperback Price Guide has this edition valued between $4 and $25, depending on condition.

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