Atoms And Evil by Robert Bloch (Gold Medal S1231 - 1962)

Atoms And Evil by Robert Bloch (Gold Medal S1231 – 1962)

A paperback original first edition “by Robert Bloch teller of tall tales, author of Psycho, and the inventor of a thousand possible tomorrows”

12 1st. Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Aw...

Robert Bloch

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Title: Atoms And Evil
Author: Robert Bloch
Imprint & Number: Gold Medal S1231
Cover price: 35¢
Publication date: 1962
Cover artist: uncredited
ISBN: none


  • Try This for Psis (The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, 10/56)
  • Comfort Me, My Robot (Imagination, 1/55)
  • Talent (If, 7/60)
  • The Professor Plays It Square (as The Egghead Plays It Straight from Argosy, 9/57)
  • Block That Metaphor (Galaxy, 10/58)
  • Wheel and Deal (1st publication)
  • You Got to Have Brains (Fantastic Universe, 1/56)
  • You Could Be Wrong (Amazing Stories, 3/55)
  • Egghead (Fantastic Universe, 7/58)
  • Dead-End Doctor (Galaxy, 2/56)
  • Change of Heart (The Arkham Sampler, Autumn 1948)
  • Edifice Complex (Escapade, 2/58)
  • Constant Reader (Universe Science Fiction, Jun 1953)

Gary Lovisi’s Antique Trader Collectible Paperback Price Guide has this edition valued between $5 and $80, depending on condition. Lovisi also notes that this particular collection is scarce, which seems inaccurate given how many can be found online.


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