The Dead Ringer by Freferic Brown

Ed & Am Hunter #2: The Dead Ringer by Fredric Brown (Bantam 361 – 1949)

Murder Wears An Ugly Mask!

Three murders were too many for Ed Hunter. Not even a dazzling redhead from the carnival’s girl show could keep Ed altogether happy – not with a murderer running loose. Then Ed found it was up to him and his Uncle Am to find the killer among the freaks and strippers of the carnival – a killer who chose his victims according to size Ed and his Uncle Am are back, working in a traveling carnival through the Midwest. Bodies, though smallish in stature, keep piling up, and Ed finds himself head over heels in love.

Fredric Brown

Fredric Brown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Second Ed & Am Hunter novel, originally published in 1948.

Title: The Dead Ringer
Author: Fredric Brown
Imprint & Number: Bantam 361
Cover price: none
Publication date: 1949
Cover artist: Robert Stanley
ISBN: none

Gary Lovisi’s Antique Trader Collectible Paperback Price Guide has this edition valued between $6 and $100, depending on condition.

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