Night And The City by Gerald Kersh (Dell 374 – 1950)

Night And The City by Gerald Kersh

Night And The City by Gerald Kersh

A novel of the evil half-world of petty crooks and streetwalkers

Harry Fabian is a ponce, a Flash Harry in an expensive suit, a cockney wide boy who adopts American tones and talks big, yet will never make it to the top. He operates in the Soho of the 1930s, a metropolitan tangle of dodgy geezers, prostitutes, spivs and strong-arm men. Twice filmed, Night and the City is a seminal low-life novel, which presents a vivid glimpse of a lost London. It also marks the return of a lost London author, Gerald Kersh, a maverick character whose life was as colourful as those of his most flamboyant creations.

3rd novel by the under-appreciated Gerald Kersh, originally published in 1938. I wish I could find one of these in better condition. Mapback movie tie-in with photo cover featuring Gene Tierney & Richard Widmark from the 1950 film.

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Title: Night And The City
Author: Gerald Kersh
Imprint & Number: Dell 374
Cover price: none
Publication date: 1950
Cover artist: photo
ISBN: none

Gary Lovisi’s Antique Trader Collectible Paperback Price Guide has this edition valued between $4 and $65, depending on condition.

A 1992 film starring Robert De Niro & Jessica Lange was also based on this novel, with the location moved from London to New York.


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