Million Dollar Tramp

Yet another book blog…

Here’s an odd assortment of books I’ve accumulated since the vintage paperback collecting bug bit me in the late ’90s. I’ve managed to build a small but diverse collection, refusing to spend more than $10 on any one book.

At the dawn of eBay, I managed to make a pretty penny selling some of my more desirable books and I’m still kicking myself for getting rid of them. I have no intention of getting rid of these things anytime soon unless someone makes an offer I can’t refuse or my wife forces me to!

I’m throwing images up and few tidbits of info but, given the fact that some far-more-knowledgeable people have spent much time and effort researching these moldy tomes, I’ll leave most of the nitty-gritty details on the sites and in the hands of the guys/gals that make that info available. I’m adding links to the best informational sites I can find and linking to Wikipedia within the posts, simply because it’s a split second quicker to find out about an author, artist or title. It’s more for me than anyone 😛

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